Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Eliminating the Death Tax Matters to You

Most of us think the death tax is a burden only for wealthy people who get left exorbitant amounts of money. The following article from the Heritage Foundation explains how it affects everyone, as wealthy people invest less (which means less businesses and jobs) and inherited businesses are often sold or closed, because the people inheriting it don't have the outright money to pay the death is all tied up in the business.


  1. How come all your blog articles are agains a person who cares about what is best for this country should you have a fair amount agains right wing leaning issues?

  2. I am against any extremist views, whether they are left or right; however, the Democratic party has evolved into such a far left party that I can no longer support what they do. I don't think all our Democratic representatives may necessarily think that way, but they follow their political leader whether they agree or not. In Obama's case, this is very dangerous.

    I care about our country and our freedoms, not a party. I have only been a registered Independent in my adult life because I did not want to affiliate with a party but with the best candidate. Because of that, I have voted "across party lines" many a time. In the current political climate, however, I will not vote for a Democrat, because the power in Congress needs to be taken away from them before too many of our freedoms are taken away from us. This would only change if moderate Dems woke up from their zombie like state and stopped blindly following Obama. I hope this answers your question.