Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama the Opaque

Friday, September 4, 2009— "We will achieve our goal of making this administration the most open and transparent administration in history, President Barack Obama said on Friday.”

President Obama campaigned on, and insists he still practices, transparency in the White House. His veracity leaves something to be desired. The president far surpasses George W. Bush in secrecy, especially in hiring personnel whom we know absolutely nothing about and about whom he reveals nothing. Kinda sounds like his own personal background; we know very little of Obama’s background, except what he’s written about himself. And he has proven hardly trustworthy time and again.

So, why all this Obama hypocrisy? Opacity works in Obama’s favor when he’s filling offices willy-nilly with candidates who have radical, controversial, or nonexistent backgrounds. The President has a lot to hide. But the curtain that cloaks this crass street-magician from the noble spotlight of truth is gradually being drawn back…and once fully exposed to view, Obama will have no place to hide.

Supreme Court nominee Kagan is a typical Obama nominee, or as I call them, a Stealth Nominee. We know nothing about her because she has done nothing relevant or notable in the grand and sacred field for which she’s been nominated. She’s never been a judge and, for a person who has spent a life in academia, published very little. Her thesis briefly appeared on the Internet…and then was yanked by unnamed people, ostensibly for copyright purposes by “Princeton University.” (Email me at, and I’ll send you the PDF).

Bizarrely, in this upside down universe of ZO (“Oz” backwards), reporters are not allowed to even interview Kagan. Does this scare you as much as it does me? Oh, sure—I know the “transparent” White House provided their own sanitized and scripted “interview” of Kagan; this scares me even more. Even Kagan’s relatives have been forbidden to give interviews. Her brother Irving—a noted communist inclined radical—teaches constitutional law at Hunter College. He was scheduled for an interview with the openly leftist New York Times, but it was cancelled without explanation.

Gee, I wonder why, if he and she are such wonderful, upstanding citizens with absolutely nothing to hide? What is the “White House” (Obama) afraid of? Matters of “transparency,” are not helped. In the absence of information, people will supply their own. Why, they might even dispute the Obama birth certificate; or his multiple social security numbers; or his false resume; or his missing school records, missing employment records, unrevealed medical records, his activities at Haahvhad, and…well…like all that there.

Moreover, Obama and his quislings in the media beat us over the head constantly about how incredibly intelligent he is. About what a brilliant speaker, and stunningly perceptive scholar this godlike One is. And he’s so cool and unflappable. Well, guess what? Time, in its role of ultimate revealer, is showing the world that he is just not any of those things.

His academic record is neither transparent nor opaque. It is non-existent. We have no idea how smart Obama is or what his record of academic achievement, because he refuses to release it. Funny how the “dumb” George W. released his, and showed his IQ and grades were HIGHER than the “intellectual” John Kerry.

Since we don’t have the information, we tend to fill it in ourselves. So—is it possible Obama didn’t get good grades…that perhaps he was not only not brilliant, but mediocre? How about a psychological profile?

Obama’s “eloquent” speaking initially garnered accolades, until it was learned that he was cribbing parts of his speeches from his friend, the Governor of Massachusetts. Also that he seemed addicted to using a teleprompter—even to school children. He was not transparent in revealing this.

And then we began to hear him speak without the aid of his many teleprompters. He turned out to be bumbling, stuttering, mumbling, off-message dolt.

He could barely get out a coherent sentence, let alone a succinct one. No wonder he needed a teleprompter in a sixth grade classroom. The myth of “Obama the Orator” died an agonizing death—yet is alive and well in the Obama Creation Myth.

The Leader’s next to last press conference was his infamous “the police acted stupidly” one. Our Harvard law graduate’s propensity for not caring about facts prior to making ridiculous statements first erupted at this particular abortion. It was compounded by his recent actions in regards to the Arizona immigration law: he is either studiously ignoring the facts of the Arizona law or has led his staff in the non-reading of the law.

Obama has enough cunning to know he must keep his true level of gilded incompetence from scrutiny. He relies on miracle-working disciples to make him look good, and keep his true face hidden—his real personality, the actual entity that is Obama.

By obfuscating and blaming imaginary “right wing racist extremists,” he does two things: 1.) he frightens the crap out of anyone who MIGHT want to say something negative about him; 2.) he helps his media acolytes keep their illusion alive.

So, we are stuck with Barack “Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain” Obama until 2012. The humor in the scene is: he doesn’t know we can already see him. And he apparently is amazingly, blithely ignorant of that fact. His transparency is completely opaque.

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