Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hate America Week

Well, folks, apparently our President and his Keystone Kompadres have been on a Hate America roll this week. From the President on down, we have been treated to accusations of racism and bad treatment to our neighbors and our debtors. We have had the distinct wincing displeasure of watching our elected leader and his taxpayer-salaried staff criticize their own citizenry with gusto and glee.

We started off with the Arizona immigration law brouhaha. President Obama and his Kompadres wasted no time referring to the law as misguided, unconstitutional, not something we should follow, all, apparently without having actually read the law. How amazing that so many Ivy League lawyers—who have not yet mastered Lawyering 101— know what they are talking about. Intellectual laziness pervades the Obama administration.

The Kompadres even extended their vitriol against their own citizens by repeatedly assuring the Chinese, in an international diplomatic meeting with apologist State Department official Michael Posner, that the Arizona law highlighted a “troubling trend in our society” with discrimination.
Posner compared Arizona law to a country whose “rule of law” has resulted in the deaths of millions of their own Chinese citizens. China has a long history of forced abortions and sterilizations, and imprisonment of political dissidents. Posner’s blathering is a stretch beyond all reason. However, the Kompadres pulled it off with their usual smug self-flagellating subservience to “world opinion”.

They are confident in the misguided “fact” that they can make the rest of the world love us if only they grovel and lick-boot enough. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley crowed that the Arizona law and its potential for racial profiling, “would pose fundamental challenges to human rights around the world”. How he made that extrapolation is beyond me, especially when we then find out he too has not even read the law. ‘Seems this here ol’ pesky intellectual laziness definitely extends to the State Department, also, ey?


Fast-forward to yesterday, where we heard our own El Presidente holding forth about the closeness of the American/Mexican bond, while at the same time excoriating one of his own states for—in one of his typical outright lies—“discriminating” against the Mexican people. To make it even more laughable, he cites the Law Whose Contents He Has Not Even Read.

He goes on with audacity to say, “there are no borders between the American and Mexican people.” This is a bad metaphor to use in describing our relationship, and certainly inappropriate at a time when the majority of Americans are concerned about our massive open border problems. El Presidente Calderon jumped into thesmackdown, declaring the Arizona law “discriminatory” while blatantly ignoring the fact that entering Mexico illegally is punishable by two years in prison. Mexican authorities also have the right to demand proof that a person is in their country legally, allowing the police to question foreigners…and to take a bribe to let them go, even if they have the documentation. Profiling, anyone?

But wait, there’s more. Today our very own Congress was treated to listening President Calderon lash out and blame Mexico’s troubles on America, conveniently ignoring his country’s long history of corruption, which has siphoned off the profits from Mexico’s rich natural resources such as oil and miles of beaches that attract lucrative tourism. He also delivered this incredible quote in reference to the Arizona immigration law, “It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as the basis for law enforcement”. Guess it must be catching…he didn’t read the law either. Obama’s Congressional Democratic lapdogs leaped to their feet in multiple enthusiastic ovations in support of Calderon’s attacks on the Arizona law.

Why are they doing this—Democrats trashing and destroying America, and the American people? Well...that is exactly why.

If the radical Democrats destroy and trash America, they can get all of us to say we are all racists and bigots now, and that we need to assuage and purge our “guilt.” We can do this by opening the borders to all Mexicans—for full pardons and a “path” to full citizenship.

Oh, and by the way…millions of new votes for Democrats—they hope.

Because the idea here, folks, is this: to head off Republican victories in 2010 and 2012 by securing the so-called Hispanic vote and firing up the base by inflaming racial discord. And all with this in mind: to secure radical Democrat eternal rule of America.

Sound good to you?

Well, then what can we do about this disgraceful behavior?
1.) Vote the bums out in November.
2.) In the meantime, write the White House at and express your displeasure at the behavior of Obama and his Kompadres.
3.) Contact your local Democrat and give them a piece of your mind, either by phone or email….or both.
4.) Send a free fax to them through this website:

You can find your local representatives’ full contact information by using a handy locator link on my website,

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