Friday, May 21, 2010

Open Borders: Not Just About Mexico

While the Obama administration and the chattering PC class would like to make border security a racist event, anyone with some amount of common sense would realize that it is about much more than Mexican nationals coming over the border. Yes, they are the majority group, but it doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to envision others coming over, too, especially after 9/11.

The President, in his efforts to whip up his base by accusing Arizonans of racism in their law, is ignoring his one major duty: to protect the citizens of the United States. That includes not only Arizonans, but the rest of us...because, as the news report below so chillingly illustrates, more than people searching for honest work are also coming across. Terrorists are taking advantage of our President's political games and using our porous borders to come across with impunity. With the refusal of the President to continue building the fence or to provide further security with the deployment of the National Guard, the border becomes an easy entry for terrorists from all over the world....straight into the heart of our country.

Thank goodness there are still some real investigative journalists left in the United States. The below video from an Atlanta station provides chilling evidence that not only are terrorists crossing over the border, but that Congress and the President have been aware of this for some time...and still choose to play political games over national security. And you wonder why the number of attacks on us are going up?

Please see this link for the complete report:

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