Monday, May 17, 2010

Illegal Immigrantion as a Liberal Litmus Test

Illegal immigration has been the hot topic since Arizona passed SB-1070, which gave local law enforcement the ability to determine, after a lawful probable cause police contact regarding anything but racial profiling, whether or not a person was illegally in the United States. The uproar from the left was as loud as it was predictable; the reaction from the Obama administration disastrous.

Regarding his public depiction and corruption of SB-1070, our Harvard educated President and alleged law “professor” (he was really only a senior lecturer, not a professor) is either the world’s most incompetent lawyer or an outright liar. SB-1070 is an approximately ten-page law, easily readable for a layman, let alone a lawyer. The language is non-complex and straightforward.

Yet the former alleged editor of the Harvard Law Review apparently “interpreted” SB-1070 as allowing law enforcement officials to scoop up an innocent man merely going for ice cream with his children. They could then interrogate him and deport him. This politicized, intentional misinterpretation by our Harvard educated President is not surprising. Obama was not even really “Editor” of the Harvard Law Review, as he states—he was President of it, quite different.

SB-1070, in fact, does not allow law enforcement to take away civil rights; indeed, it specifically prohibits this type of action. It is clearly spelled out in SB-1070 that officers must already be engaged in a legal police contact of some sort (such as a traffic stop or for fighting, etc.) before the issue of a person’s citizenship can be raised. Yet, Obama very loudly and clearly trumpeted the “misguided” nature of the law to anyone who would listen. (Remember another Harvard misadventure involving an honest cop? “The police acted stupidly.”)

1.) So, what would bring about this type of behavior from an intellectual elitist?

Another member of the Keystone Kompadres, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, also publicly and frequently makes disparaging comments about the law, calling it unfortunate, possibly unconstitutional and ripe for abuse by hovering racial profilers. Yet today (5/14/10) we find out in a Congressional hearing that Mr. Holder has never even READ the law.

Holder stated he drew his conclusions from what he “heard on TV and in the news”. Are you kidding me? The Attorney General of the United States has not had a spare minute to read a simple ten page law, but can spend hours publicly disparaging it? He’s waiting for “a briefing from my staff” on the law? I am but a simple retired police sergeant; I read SB-1070 in five minutes (I’m a fast reader), and even I understood the law completely in that time span. This law is not the theory of relativity, folks. It is simple and easy to read.

2.) So what would drive the U.S. Attorney General to make such a fool of himself publicly and professionally?

The answer to questions 1. and 2. above is this: both President Obama and Mr. Holder counted on what they thought was an overwhelming wave of radical liberalism in this country to support their Orwell-speak.
Both of them bet that ideologues would rule the day and truth and justice would die. These Kompadres were confident in public and media support for this Orwellian plot; liberals tend to be loud, opinionated, and shout down or destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them, or “think critically.”

Obama and Holder knew that ordinary Americans usually don’t bother to shout back; that Democrats are in the majority in Congress; and all would therefore be well in the Radical Liberal Universe. Ordinary Americans would flee from the thought of being called racist if they agree with the law and are stupid enough to say it out loud.

What the Keystone Kompadres failed to take into account was a sea-change in ordinary Americans. The term “racist” has been flung about with abandon since Obama announced his Presidency. The frequency and level of hysteria associated with the term ramps up daily. Radical liberals and their mainstream media sycophants have used the word so often it has lost its punch. Ergo, ordinary people no longer fear being called a racist, because it has become so obviously blatant that the term is being overused and abused. It has no more sting; indeed, it has become a laughable term. Liberals thought they could shutdown any opposition by slinging mud at or by destroying anyone who dared protest the radical Democrat agenda. They thought they could back everyone else off their ideological agenda. They even stooped to economic boycotts, extreme name-calling, and sacrificed on their altar—crucified—the Arizona-bound aspirations of a simple high school girls’ basketball team.

This was all in the name of their Chosen One— Barack Obama. The no longer secret agenda of the Kompadres is to steal as much raw power as needed to transform America into a socialist state ruled by the Democrat party: this is neither Democratic, nor Democracy. It will be The Party.

Democrats also thought the people of Arizona would fold like a bad hand of cards. Thankfully, Arizonans have not, and their governor has shown true, fearless leadership—something sadly lacking in Washington, by doing an amazing thing: standing up for and protecting her constituents.

And another amazing thing happened: the people of the United States LIKED the law. It made sense in an upside down world where illegals are treated like saints and law abiding citizens are treated like something smelly found on the bottom of a shoe.

In Los Angeles, liberal capital of the world, lawmakers were stunned to hear from their constituents via polls that they did not approve of the lawmakers’ planned economic boycott of Arizona. People across the country have been supporting Arizona like this, vocally. In some cases, they are doing it with their wallets by making it a vacation destination or supporting Arizona-based businesses. Other states are beginning to follow Arizona’s lead in developing similar legislation.

The expected flight from a “racist” label did not materialize; indeed, the American people fought back at a grass roots level. They made their displeasure known by calling their representatives and by developing Facebook pages to distribute accurate information about the law. And, not least, by calling for school administrators to be fired for boycotting a national girl’s basketball tournament merely because it was in Arizona and because Arizona did not follow the school’s alleged “values”. Apparently China, a past destination for this same basketball team, has more closely allying values.

The arrogance of the Obama administration and the Liberal Loud Left just plain old ticked people off; the sleeping giant has awakened…and it ain’t happy. The liberal left’s litmus test—the accusation of racism—failed, and failed gravely.

How can you join in the push back against the left? Make your voice heard in a myriad of ways. Write a letter of support to Governor Brewer, helping her and fellow Arizonans keep heart in this difficult time at
If you are planning a vacation, plan to go to Arizona and spend your money there. Patronize Arizonan businesses. Visit my website,, to see my letter to Governor Brewer, asking her if we Americans can set up a national “Fight with Five” fund, where ordinary Americans could donate five dollars to Arizona’s state budget in an effort to help offset the revenues lost through boycotts.
There is also a link on my site to Stand with Arizona Facebook (against Illegal Immigration), a Facebook site, which has a very helpful BUYcott list of Arizona businesses that can be patronized by out of state Americans. This is a site filled with useful information and updates. We are all part of the solution.

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