Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama and His Keystone Kompadres

President Obama and his administration would like you to believe that he and they are ready, willing, and able to keep you safe through their competence.

They are none of the above; reference the Times Square would-be bomber incident. The bomber was apprehended and the bomb defused with no injuries or deaths, yes. But this was entirely due to an alert ex-military man and excellent work by the NYPD and the FBI. Obama’s crack Keystone Kompadres were nowhere on the case beforehand. But, after the fact, they were so hell-bent on taking credit that they incompetently leaked details of the suspect, who then evaded surveillance and almost made it out of the country and to Dubai.

None of this is surprising. Obama’s critics during the election brought up his profound lack of experience in running anything, let alone the most powerful country on Earth. Yet, the candidate showed no lack of elitist confidence in his “ability” to handle the office of the presidency. In fact, the opposite was true. Time has also shown us that he has no apparent sense of practical caution or concern for the results of his actions as President—or for the American people. In this, he cares only for himself, his own advancement, and power.

Buried deep in the psyche of this alternate universe is the self-conviction that he is truly smarter than the rest of us. Also, that he will find a solution to “man-made disasters.” How? I guess through his alleged “superior intellect and ability to connect with the downtrodden.” In the mind of an ideologue like Obama, America is always to blame—for whatever, no matter what. So—the theory unreels—if he just takes over everything, runs it the way the world should be run (in his eyes), and apologizes enough, the rest of the world will love us.

Obama has done his best to avoid confronting this all this nasty reality stuff, in two basic ways. One: by semantics; by scrubbing the lexicon of the word terrorists and any reference to Islam or Muslims. Two: by attempting to recreate the failed policies of the Clinton administration, whereby terrorists were prosecuted under criminal law; where Miranda Rights were loosely given out to these “criminals;” where protections were allowed for those terrorists who were certainly not even American citizens. For some reason known best to Obama and his devoted followers, he and they have been hell-bent on showing the world they are kinder and gentler to these “criminals” than the Bush administration.

Their rabid attempts to protect these terrorists and impress the rest of the world began by announcing roll-backs of the Bush 9/11 policies. This included the Patriot Act and started out with great fanfare and political panoply. Yet, these initial victory changes very quietly subsumed into a secretive policy of allowing the hated Bush policies to continue. Why? Because Reality lifted its dreaded head and peeked into that ivory tower of Liberal hopey changey, crashing the party—the radical, far left Democrat Party. Witness the videotape of Obama leaving his first CIA briefing as President back in 2008: suddenly gone was the cocky, arrogant, “I am a Harvard Law graduate and, as such, so much intellectually superior than those who have gone before me” attitude. What you saw that day was someone who looked like he’d been kicked in the face by Reality; a stunned man who suddenly realized he was not in the cocooned, alternate universe of ivory-towered academia anymore—that now he was suddenly out of the rabbit hole, and in the real world; a world where he was not allowed to merely vote “present” anymore.

Along these lines, Obama found himself caught in his own mouth. Despite Obama’s long-time and harsh criticisms of George Bush, Lefties were soon horrified at their leader’s willing participation in the Evil Predator Drone program. Indeed, President Obama actually ramped up the agenda and has authorized more strikes than even the Bush administration.

And now—suddenly—US Attorney General Eric Holder has done an about face on cleansing the vocabulary of “hurtful words,” and Mirandizing “criminals.” The Christmas “crotch bomber” was Mirandized almost before he was off the plane, with Holder and the Obama administration defending those actions vigorously. And yet, the Times Square bomber is suddenly “a terrorist.”

Holder is now—suddenly—out of the blue—advocating indefinite incarceration with charges, no Miranda warnings and warrantless searches (through wiretaps or other means). These changes are way past what even conservatives advocate; indeed, they set the Constitution right on it head.

Why the sudden change in Holder? What brought about this change in Obama?

Reality is what—as with that first CIA briefing, and now with whatever the Times Square bomber Shazad has revealed. Suddenly, idealism is out the window along with “talking with the enemy.”

One might thoughtfully presume that the Times Square bomber has given them evidence or information that has led to a pucker factor revelation—of further plots against the United States, ones that make Shazad’s bomb look like child’s play. Once again, the Obama administration’s “peace” agenda has had its lunch taken and eaten by Reality.

Why should the advent of more and intense terror operations coming our way be revelatory to the administration? Even those who do not follow the news realize we are hated for being “infidels” and that Islamic terrorists want to wipe us off the face of their earth. They have told us for close to a decade now that the attacks will continue. Somehow this seems to have escaped the “highly educated” elite echelons of the Obama Kompadre Krew. That Holder and Obama are now shell-shocked by the revelations of Reality—enough to do their legal about-faces—reveals something.

It reveals the depth of their suppressive arrogance, their ignorance, and their own dogma that they are The Chosen—the only ones able to remake the world and all of us in their own upside-down, repressive image.

So, what can we do about all this dangerous nonsense? Well…barring an asteroid-strike on Earth from space, it seems we are stuck with this administration for at least the next two years. Unfortunately, we have no real idea how much raw damage they have already done to our national security, because we only know what they and their adoring mainstream Media outlets feed us. So we are stuck with them. And they with us.

But guess what? They fear us more than we fear them. They fear us because the average citizen can help keep the Keystone Kompadres in line-by voting them out!

November is key—we can mount an effective defense against the incompetence of the Keystone Kompadres if we regain Congress. We will then have a way to keep a rein on them until we defeat Obama in the election of 2012. What you can do as a citizen is to work for the election of a Republican in your district, even if you don’t particularly care for the party or the candidate. Hold your nose, work, and vote.

If your district is hopelessly Democrat, then visit and use his suggestion of “adopting a Democrat.” Find a Democrat who is vulnerable, and contribute whatever you can afford to his Republican competitor, even if it is not in your district or even your state. We must put a brake on the Obama administration.

NEXT: how Obama is already undermining and destroying America and what we can do politically to stop it.

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